Dutch Sporting Occasions is a young Dutch company focused on selling sports and leisure products. It is a collaboration of specialists from international sport and the artificial turf industry.

Sport innovaties

Sports Innovations

Sport is constantly evolving. Matches are decided on details, every athlete is looking for the best materials and training methods to gain the edge and achieve optimum results. Dutch Sporting Occasions is driven by the athletes and we are looking for opportunities for product development in an ever growing sports market. Call us we the game changers; we look differently at the market and products. This applies to existing products, but also for new applications in the sports market.

Innovation and development is difficult to do on your own. We are convinced that the pooling of knowledge and expertise leads to better results. Our extensive network of specialists is able to develop a concept quickly from an initial idea to marketable product. Quality and functionality are always our principles.

Curious? Our first development will be launched here soon...