Dutch Sporting Occasions is a young Dutch company focused on selling sports and leisure products. It is a collaboration of specialists from international sport and the artificial turf industry.

The Hockey Challenger

The Hockey Challenger

The Hockey Challenger - Makes Hockey Training even more Game Focussed

Dutch Sporting Occasions is an organisation that has followed the developments within the hockey world very closely: together with well-known and renowned hockey trainers and partners we have developed an alternative to cones and beams used currently during training sessions.

The Hockey Challenger is a foam dummy designed with a view to the typical defensive stance of an opponent at the very moment of the tackle. The realistic defensive position adopted by the dummy ensures players can train their 3D skills day in & day out to perfection!

The dummy can be used intensively to practice one particular technique or it can be used to train a series of skills. The most appropriate layout will be dependent on the experience of your players. The fact that The Hockey Challenger never tires and is always ‘up for practice’ allows a sufficient number of repetitions to build a technique to the point it becomes automatic.

In short: Give your hockey sessions a boost with The Hockey Challenger!